Welcome to Trailwinds’

Hi, and welcome to Trailwinds' - a Racing Husky Team & Kennel. We are a sleddog sports team from Finland. Our current goal is the Gold Rush Run medium distance race in Tankavaara in March 2018.

March 31, 2018
71 days to go.


first day at the starting line have to have 6-8 dogs, second day start and the finish line have to have at least 5 dogs

Since this is the first time we are training for medium distance, we have had to think hard how to do this, and we have help from friends to coach both the musher and the dogs. 


Trailwinds’ are members of the Finnish Sleddog Sports Federation, or Suomen Valjakkourheilijoiden liitto – VUL. Jukkis is currently serving as VP of the federation.

Trailwinds is also a registered kennel in the Finnish Kennel Club.

Jukkis and Anna are members of Uudenmaan Vetokoiraurheilijat sports club.

Trailwinds is sponsored by Racinel Black Label Super Premium quality dog food.