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Hi, and welcome to Trailwinds' - a Racing Husky Team & Kennel. We are a sleddog sports team from Finland. We train and compete in medium distance sleddog races. 

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Trailwinds’ are members of the Finnish Sleddog Sports Federation, or Suomen Valjakkourheilijoiden liitto – VUL. Starting on 1st of June 2018 Jukkis will begin as President of the Federation, and is currently serving as the Vice President.

Trailwinds is also a registered kennel in the Finnish Kennel Club.

Jukkis and Anna are members of Uudenmaan Vetokoiraurheilijat sports club.

Trailwinds is sponsored by Racinel Black Label – providing our canine athletes with Super Premium quality dog food to enable high powered training and exceptional endurance.

Trailwinds is also sponsored by tmi Kirsi Sinda – providing our canine athletes with muscle maintenance and massage to help recovery and increase mobility.