February 2nd, Sled Dog Day

Every year on February 2nd we celebrate the international Sled Dog Day.

Running through snow all day, every day, pulling a sled that can weigh hundreds if not thousands of pounds—that’s a sled dog’s job. Don’t you think they might deserve a little recognition? February 2nd is the official holiday of the sled dog that we can safely say man would not have managed very well at all without.


We at Trailwinds Huskies celebrate it with extra attention to all of our Huskies as well as juicy bones to chew on! We would love to hear how you celebrate your special buddies on this special day? Please, leave a comment!

Humans and dogs have shared a common storyline for a long time, possibly going back 35.000 years. Sled dogs have been an integral part of the arctic lifestyle around the globe, and continue to play important roles for many people, as well as many rural communities. Sled dogs have also been part of many historical expeditions, and many consider a sled dog as their best friend.

Join us in celebrating these amazing animals, and give your favourite Husky a hug and a bone!

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