Trailwinds Huskies

Trailwinds Huskies is a Siberian Husky kennel and a sleddog racing team from Southern Finland. 

Trailwinds is sponsored by


We race actively all-around the year. In the winter we compete in Sprint and Medmium distances, up to 8 dog limited classes.


We create exclusive and unique Husky experiences in the Helsinki & Southern Finland area. Custom designed!


Trailwinds creates a lot of husky lifestyle related media contents. We take pictures, shoot videos and more. Huskies FTW!

Our story

We started our Husky journey around 2013 when me moved to our current homestead. Back then we had just three Siberian Huskies and we only raced in canicross classes. Since then our pack has been growing steadily, both by breeding our own dogs and adopting veteran dogs. 

Currently our team features two human athletes, two veteran Alaskan Huskies from Bearhill Huskies and 12 Siberian Huskies. We have given a new home to the veteran dogs so that they can teach our young team how to work in harness. We promote this approach actively!

Fueled by Racinel

Trailwinds Huskies are fueled by Racinel Black Label super premium dog food. In the off-season and during races these canine athletes eat Sport & Agility and in the training season they eat Extra Energy.

Contact us

You can contact us using any of the social media accounts linked above or mail us or phone us at +358407418309

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