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Hi, and welcome to Trailwinds’ – a Racing Husky Team & Kennel. We are a sleddog sports team from Finland. We train and compete in medium distance sleddog races.

Trailwinds is a combined Siberian husky kennel and a sleddog sports team, competing in Finland. We are members of Uudenmaan Vetokoiraurheilijat club under Finnish Sleddog Sports Federation, as well as International Federation of Sleddog Sports.

Team Trailwinds consists of two mushers – Anna and Jukkis – and our team of Siberian and Alaskan huskies.

Sleddog sports is a family lifestyle. Our dogs are members of our family and we treat them as professional athletes. We actively seek new information on how to improve their training and welfare.

We are currently migrating our website to a new service provider. Some images or other resources may be temporarily unavailable!

Trailwinds Sponsors

Trailwinds Huskies is sponsored by Racinel Black Label. Our dogs eat Racinel Black Label Extra Energy during race season and Racinel Black Label Sport & Agility during the off-season and during strength training period in the autumn.

Effektri Dog dietary supplements ensure our canine athletes have the correct balance of Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids. The correct balance of these fats is crucial for arctic sleddogs, who use fats as their main source of energy.

VIPstore – for your Very Important Pets – provides us with high quality Jämpti MAXI elements for our kennels.

Trailwinds is also sponsored by Tmi Kirsi Sinda, a professional dog massage therapist. She helps us keep our dogs in condition and recover from training and racing.

Blog by Jukkis

How to hydrate a Husky, pre-race?

The Trailwinds Huskies have been racing for a few years now. One of the recurring problems has been about getting ...
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Kennel building and training

The summer was long, followed by a hot autumn. September was record-breaking hot here in Finland, which meant that we ...
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Ohkola Autumn Race 2018 picture by Anna Hirvilammi

Race report: Ohkola Autumn 2018

Last weekend, on Saturday 15th of September the 2018-2019 sleddog sports seasons kicked-off in Finland with the Ohkola Autumn race ...
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Starting up the 2018-2019 season

Oh boy, it has been a long summer! The Trailwinds mushers spent most of the summer working for Bearhill Huskies, ...
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”So do we shake paw now Mr. President?”

Happy 101st Independence Day, Finland! 🇫🇮 #Linnanjuhlat2018 https://t.co/9bGNGeyn8w
TrailwindsHusky photo

Writing sleddog race reports is really gruelling. There is so much to write, but I know no-one cares to read so much. But I don't want to leave any details out! Maybe I am writing there reports more for myself than for an audience... is that bad? #writing


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Today we were entertaining some neighbourhood kids at Suurniemen Tila - and some adults, too! The kids' favourite part was, of course, when we tipped the sled into soft powder snow!

We also got to enjoy a wonderful lunch with blinis! I am about to explode 😀
Trailwinds Huskies race in Ohkola, January 2019. This trial race featured a mass start, and it was the first time we got to try it. It was fun!
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