Anna, a musher

My name is Anna Hirvilammi and I have spent most of my life with Siberian Huskies. My family had a small kennel when I was growing up, and I used to curl up next to our Huskies when I was a baby. I got my first, own Siberian Husky in 2008 and joined the Finnish Siberian Husky Society , and I have since attended the Finnish Kennel Club breeders’ course and registered the kennel name Trailwinds.

I am very passionate about things that matter to me, and with Siberian Huskies, I want to breed and train working, functional sled dogs. We do not breed dogs for sale, but primarily for extending our own team.

Our team is a combination of dogs acquired as adults, our own pups and veteran safari dogs (which is a great way to introduce experience to a sled dog team!). I would urge anyone thinking about getting a Husky to consider re-homing an adult dog, even if puppies are extremely cute!

I am a marathoner and I find that long distance running is fascinating. Perhaps that’s why I wish to transition to longer distances in sled dog racing and ultra distances in running.

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