Jukkis, a musher

I am one of the competitive mushers in the team Trailwinds. I am currently most interested in getting better at distance racing, focusing on medium distance for practical reasons. I also participate in dryland rig classes and the occasional canicross competition. Being a musher is challenging in many ways!

I have a background in many sports and activities. The most relevant experience from an outdoors perspective is hiking and mountaineering. I have hiked, mostly in summer conditions, in the Finnish Lapland. My favourite area is the Urho Kekkonen National Park in Saariselkä, Savukoski. I highly recommend the area for anyone that wants to hike in Finland and would be happy to give you some tips. In mountaineering, I have climbed in the Scandinavian Mountains, the Alps and the Peruvian Andes. My highpoint was Yanapaccha in the Cordillera Blanca, with an elevation of 17913 ft / 5460 m. As a musher, the outdoors skills come in handy quite often!

From an athletics perspective, I credit martial arts for teaching me how to train. I have practised kickboxing and Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and have competed in the Finnish Opens with dismal results – but learned a valuable lesson: the objective of training is not to win, but to learn. As a musher, I keep this in mind when training the dogs.

Nowadays sleddog sports is my passion. I train our dogs, maintain the kennels and also compete. The best experience I have had so far was in Gold Rush Run in 2018, where I competed in the 2×75 km medium distance class with 8 dogs. This was my first distance race after a transition from sprint racing, and even though I chose to DNS on the second day, this gave me a great foundation for future enterprise.

I am currently serving as the president of the Finnish Sleddog Sports Federation, VUL. I work hard to develop the sport both in Finland and also participate in the international forum under the International Federation of Sleddog Sports, IFSS.

I am a member of Uudenmaan Vetokoiraurheilijat, UVU, a sleddog sports club based in Southern Finland.

Professionally I am a consultant and a project manager at Capgemini and also a sleddog driver at Bearhill Husky Tours.

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