2017-2018 coaching team

I am happy to say that I am not working alone to achieve the goals we’ve set for 2018. In order to get myself and our team in shape, I have help from people whose experience and coaching will help me work harder and smarter.

Matti Santtila is an Adjunct Professor at National Defence University, Fitness Coach, PhD (Coaching and Fitness Testing), CEO of SanFitPro, and LtCol (ret.) Matti will make sure I train smart.

Ville Brofeldt is an endurance sports enthusiast with experience of multiple marathons. Ville is my running coach and mentor, who keeps track of my progress and makes sure that I achieve the volume and speeds required.

Valentijn Beets is the owner of Bearhill Husky, a professional husky kennel located in Rovaniemi in Finnish Lapland. He has been training huskies since 2000 and he is my dog training mentor, making sure I train the dogs efficiently and safely.

Anna Hirvilammi is my spouse and partner-in-crime, and the quartermaster sergeant of the Trailwinds training regime, onsite. She makes sure I stick to the diet and program, hit my weight targets and that the dogs are trained on-time. Couldn’t do this without her <3

I feel confident that with these people pushing me, providing feedback and adjusting the program when necessary, I can achieve any goal!

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