50 km milestone achieved

Today, our team achieved the 50 kilometres in one session milestone! We have three weeks until the Gold Rush Run medium distance race, 2x 75 kilometres, and I am starting to get confident that we can pull this off, which is a remarkable recovery from the blues I had just two weeks ago.

We are long ways behind of schedule. December was a complete lacklustre in terms of distance trained, and January was not much better. We caught-up quite a bit in February, but not quite enough. For the past weeks, we have been pushing the distances quite aggressively and keeping a very close eye on our dogs, to see that they recover from each training sufficiently.

The dogs are eating like never before! The distance training requires a heavy load of calories, and while we trust Racinel Black Label Extra Energy to cover the bulk of that, we do give them some raw meat with morning hydration to boost things up a bit.

Kirsi Sinda, our dog massage therapist, will be paying us a visit in a week or so, and we will do a thorough check-up then, to make sure that all dogs are fit to race. It is imperative for us that our dogs are ship-shape, and we do not want to push them too hard.

50 kilometres of training takes quite a bit of time. I usually spend the first hour or so focusing just on the training and the dogs, but once they settle down to a steady trot, I listen to some podcasts or music. This week I have been listening to Jocko Willink‘s podcast. I recommend that if you are interested in topics like the military and leadership.

Just one more week of distance training to go, and we are moving the focus to build up speed now. If you want to keep posted on our progress, follow us on Facebook or Twitter!

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