Distance Husky lifestyle

Since 2018 kicked off, our dogs have now trained 233 kilometers or 144 miles. Before Gold Rush Run medium distance race starts in 31st of March 2018, the dogs will have spent well over 1000 kilometers in training after New Year’s.

For the dogs, this means a lot of hard work. For us, this has been a head-first dive into a distance husky lifestyle. We have moved from Southern Finland to Central Finland until the end of GRR race, and as a result of a 300-kilometer move, we now have a whole lot better chances of being able to train according to the plan, instead of the weather.

Right now the dogs are working 25+ kilometers per day, and we need to push this up to 75 in a time-span of five weeks. On average, we have about 5 training days per week and two rest days for the dogs. It is vital that our dogs are well-fed, with sufficient fat intake to provide fuel, and proteins to build-up muscle and protect from injury.

We are really happy to have Racinel Black Label sponsor super premium extra energy food for our dogs and tmi Kirsi Sinda to check-up on the physique and massage the dogs to enhance mobility and recovery.

We keep a very close eye on the dogs’ performance. If there are any signs of lack of motivation, asymmetry of movement or other signs of trouble, extra rest is scheduled and endurance training is replaced by free running and other fun activities. After all, we want our Huskies to enjoy this challenge as much as we do!

(P.S: There are currently 22 mushers registered in the limited class. I wonder if there is a Red Lantern in GRR…)

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