Gold Rush Aftermath pt. IV

This is Part 4 out of 8 in a series of lessons learned from our first medium distance sleddog race. To start from the beginning, click here.On our way up North we picked up Swing and Boogie from Bearhill’s, but just 130 kilometres short of our 1000 km journey, we were stopped on our tracks by the police. Turns out I am not licensed to two the camper.

We had to come up with yet another hairbrained scheme to get us to the starting line the next morning. Who do you think I called? Vallu (I am starting to feel a bit ashamed now that I am writing this!). He contacted a local musher in Sodankylä, who welcomed us to her house for the weekend.  We had scraped by another obstacle, but not without cost.

Lesson learned: If you have one major race event in your schedule for the year, make double sure you have logistics planned out well ahead of the event. 

Otherwise, if something goes wrong at the last minute, your schedule for hydrating and feeding the dogs will be compromised. Again, this is something that Anna did comment on, early in the project, but I refused to cancel. I should have planned better and made arrangements earlier on.

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