How to hydrate a Husky, pre-race?

The Trailwinds Huskies have been racing for a few years now. One of the recurring problems has been about getting our Huskies, both Alaskan and Siberian, to properly hydrate before a race. I wanted to share our method. Hopefully, this will help someone new to the sport!

Especially in sprint racing, you need to hydrate the Husky without filling their stomach. Anything high in fat may very well lead to unwanted bowel movements. To an extent, this also applies to distance racing.

I use a Jetboil Jule camp stove to first boil one litre of water. Since the Jetboil is a pain in the ass to wash, I never actually cook with the boiler, but just boil water and then pour that into another dish before adding anything to the water.

So, I pour the boiling water into a bowl and then ass about 20 grams of low-fat, minced chicken meat per dog. I stir the mix for a few minutes to get the meat to distribute evenly.

The boiling water brings out the flavour in the meat. I then use this mix to spice up 0,5 to 1,5 litres of water per dog.

This mixture seems to be really popular with the dogs and they all lap it up, nice and fast.

We hydrate our dogs three hours before the start, and walk them before harnessing up.

To reiterate, here’s a quick recipe:

  1. Boil one litre of water
  2. Mix the boiling water with 20 grams of low-fat, minced chicken meat per dog
  3. Use the mix to spice up 0,5-1,5 litres of water per dog
  4. Enjoy the show

I hope this trick helps you out! You can also use this recipe to make dry food more palatable when you are pinched for the time when feeding the dogs in a race.

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