Kennel building and training

The summer was long, followed by a hot autumn. September was record-breaking hot here in Finland, which meant that we had to keep the distances short and try to time the workouts to early mornings. Still, we managed to get started with the training and the dogs are progressing nicely!

The new kennels are also progressing nicely. The Jämpti MAXI elements, provided by, are a whopping 2.20 meters tall. Is that enough to keep Poju inside? I suppose only time will tell, but I am having a hard time figuring out how he could scale those walls!

The next event for Trailwinds Huskies will be the Jämi MD race on October 27th. It is a new kind of dryland event, geared towards distance racers. There are two classes, limited 8 dog class and unlimited, and the distances are 4x 7,5 kilometres. But here’s the trick: for 8 dog class the rig must weight at least 200 kg, and for unlimited at least 300 kg. Our rig of choice is a small ATV, provided by one of the event sponsors:

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