Marathon training report pt. I

First two weeks of my marathon training are now done. I did not start quite from zero, as I had trained for and competed in a couple of canicross events during the autumn, but those 5K runs with a sleddog are a wee bit different thing than running the marathon.

I have come up with a plan with Ville, my running coach. The plan is pretty simple. My program consists of two week blocks. The aim is to run every other day, and take every other weekend off.

I run short runs (4K), medium runs (9K) and long runs. Long runs are either 15K or max distance, alternating. And maximum distance is what we are building up.

For example:

  • 4-9-4-9-4-15
  • 4-9-4-9-4-25

The max distance goes up, month by month. In November it is 15, December 20… And in April I should reach 40. Well in time for Helsinki City Marathon on May 19th.

That’s the plan. I was supposed to run 15K today, but my leg cramped after just 2K. I gave up after about 6 and walked another 5. I hope next block goes better…

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