Plan to add mileage for the dogs

We have now finished the autumn dryland race season and the dogs’ training will focus on Gold Rush Run medium distance race at the end of March 2018, in Finnish Lapland. I have discussed the team’s performance levels at the moment with Vallu, member of our coaching team, and we are on a good track. We have come up with a rough plan called 3-Up-1-Down.

For the next couple of months, we will be working at most 4 days in a row, resting at most 3 days in a row. The objective is to increase daily mileage day by day, and then take it back a notch on the final day to the stretch. In practice, for this week it means the following structure:

  • Sunday 9 KM (or 5.6 mi)
  • Monday 11 KM (or 6.8 mi)
  • Tuesday 14 KM (or 8.6 mi)
  • Wednesday 11 KM
  • Thursday rest
  • Friday rest
  • Saturday 11 KM
  • Sunday 14 KM

So, starting from 9 KM on Sunday, we increase the distance until Tuesday, reaching 14 kilometers, and then take it back to 11, which we did on Monday. Next set will start at 11, then go up to 14, then 16, and back to 14. This way our totals slowly creep up. In the picture, you can see how the volume builds over time until the end of December.

The plan is still pretty rough, and I have not identified all the trails yet. So there may be some variance, an extra KM here, another missing there. But in general, we have a decent idea how we will build up stamina. The plan totals 662 kilometers (411 mi) for the remained of this year.

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