Starting up the 2018-2019 season

Oh boy, it has been a long summer! The Trailwinds mushers spent most of the summer working for Bearhill Huskies, driving teams of Alaskan Huskies at the Winter World Helsinki (an indoors Husky safari, how cool is that!). Now it is time to move our focus to the starting 2018-2019 season!

Due to working most weekends we have had limited time to train our own team. But that’s OK, considering that this will be a low-intensity season for us anyway. Chaika and Skoda are putting on years and at the same time, we’ve got 6 puppies, currently just 5 months old. Most likely this season will be just some sprint races and perhaps some limited medium distance. The priority objectives are to work on the basics, build up experience and routine, and develop the kennel.

This weekend we will, none the less, open the season at Ohkola Autumn Race 2018, a dryland IFSS World Cup event. I will participate in the four-dog rig class (DR4), where the race distance is just over 4 kilometres. That suits us well, considering the dogs are not as fit as I would like them to be, due to the aforementioned reasons. I will also participate in the canicross hobby class, but there the limiting factor will be my own poor conditioning!

We will start building the new kennels for the dogs in September. We will build three new kennels, each suited for four dogs. They will feature 2,20-metre high Jämpti MAXI elements by VIPStore. Once we get started I will write more detailed posts, but we’ve got some innovative design features in mind!

Personally, I am also excited to see what sort of a response will the Finnish Sleddog Sports Federation get for starting the Club championship system in Ohkola. This will be first race ever which awards point to the Clubs! I hope that the system will gain followers, but I suspect that it will take a couple of years.

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