We’ve got new puppies!

The Trailwinds team has grown quite a bit! We now have a total of eight new puppies. And what lovely little buggers they are!

Before Gold Rush Run in early April (a report on that is still in the works!) we attended a sprint race in Rautavaara to warm up our Siberians. We thought that we had a bad case of phantom pregnancy in the team, because we have experienced that before, but turns out it was just a regular pregnancy.

The only phantom in the process was how and when did the insemination take place? It must have happened in Koskenpää during our training camp there, but we have not witnessed it.

This means that I have to apologize to my dames; I was disappointed in their performance in Rautavaara, but in hindsight, it makes perfect sense.

Anyway, as a result of all of this, we will have to submit the puppies to genetic tests to confirm the identity of the stud. And of course, there is the vet check-ups, vaccinations, chips to install, new kennel room to be built… a lot of work ahead of us, but seeing those cuddly little balls of fur really makes up for it!

P.S: Racinel Black Label Extra Energy is good stuff to making sure the dame has enough energy to take care of her pups!

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